Bulk token operations

Tokenizer's SDK supports bulk operations on tokens for CreateToken, LookupToken and ResolveToken. For more detail on using these operations, see our API Reference for Tokenizer.​​

Fundamentally a batch consists of an optional list of Transformers and Access Policies that can be referenced in the list of objects (for CreateToken and LookupToken), followed by an ordered list of objects (either data, attribute pairs, or tokens). Each object in the list may optionally be assigned an ID, which will be preserved in the response. The response object consists of an order-preserved list of response objects, which include the ID (if used in the request), a response object (Token or data), and/or an error for that particular object's operation.

Batch sizes are currently allowed up to 100 items but we expect we'll expand this much farther as we do more ETL integrations. We currently don't support batches for InspectToken (primarily for debugging) or DeleteToken (because attributes allows bulk deletion), but contact us at [email protected] if you need these.​​