Customize your login interface

You can customize your login UI in the Login Experience card of the Application Settings Page. This is reached by selecting the Application in the Authentication page. You can preview your changes before you push them to live in the screen preview on the right-hand side.

Page order

To show your social sign on buttons above the email input, select “Social first” under Page Order in Authentication Settings.

Logo and colors

You can add your logo and brand colors in the Login Experience card. We recommend using a square, transparent png file up to XxX pixels. The colors section allows you to configure your button fill, text and border, as well as the background color of your login screen.

Login and sign-up page copy

You can customize the Header, Subheading and Footer copy of the login and signup pages. By default, these are set to:

  • Header: “Sign in to [appname]” / “Create an [appname] account”
  • Subheading: [blank]
  • Footer: “By continuing, you agree to our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy”

The text input for the footer is HTML-enabled, to allow linking out to pages like your Terms of Service or Privacy Policy pages. However, the only accepted HTML elements are:

  • Paragraphs: <p> </p>
  • Hyperlinks: <a> </a> with the href attribute
  • Line breaks: <br> </br>

What’s Next