Create a token

Tokens are created using the CreateToken and LookupToken APIs. Both of these APIs receive a piece of raw data, an access policy, a data transformer and a set of attributes.

Create Token API

Create Token stores the raw data in your Token Vault, then creates and returns a token. CreateToken will always generate a unique token for the data. If you want to reuse a token that was already generated, you can use LookupToken. For more details, see the API reference for Create Token.

Lookup Token API

Lookup Token simplifies re-use of existing tokens. It checks the Token Vault for an existing token with the same raw data, data transformer and access policy. If such a token exists, it returns that token. If not, it creates and returns a new token. For more details, see the API reference for Lookup Token.


At token creation, you also have the option to specify additional attributes for that token. These allow for bulk operations on tokens, such as data deletion. Docs on attributes coming soon! If you need help here, please reach out to [email protected].

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