How does Authorization work with UserClouds?

UserClouds’s Authorization Service helps you model roles, relationships, groups and permissions seamlessly and scalably. By unifying these concepts with identity data, UserClouds helps you maintain a single source-of-truth for every user. This reduces your risk of costly security/privacy breaches that can result from disjointed solutions.

UserClouds offers Graph Based Access Control (GBAC). UserClouds’s GBAC system can support all role- and attribute-based authorization scenarios (aka RBAC and ABAC). However, it also supports far more flexible and fine-grained authorization scenarios, by allowing you to define arbitrarily deep hierarchy and relationships between objects.

You can define the structure of your authorization system in the UserClouds Console, and store your users, relationships and roles directly in UserClouds. You can then implement permissions in your application with our simple set of APIs.

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