The User Store is a specialized privacy-forward data vault. It allows you to store sensitive user data within a single protective boundary and enforce data governance & privacy policy centrally, at that boundary. This greatly reduces the need for custom, privacy-related code across systems and languages, improving:

  • Engineering Velocity: Since privacy and access-related code is centralized, maintenance and update costs are minimized and can be performed by a single team. The goal is to minimize the engineering resources wasted on maintaining distributed glue code, manual clean-up work and human approval flows - so that engineering teams can focus on the mission.
  • Data Security: Data sprawl is minimized and data access can easily be turned off in case of a breach. Security-related code is much more easily audited, so it is easier to identify flaws in the logic. An audit log of data access (and the purpose for access) is maintained automatically.
  • Privacy Posture: UserClouds is designed to make adhering privacy regulation like CCPA and GDPR as simple as possible. Data misuse is minimized, data residency adherence is simplified and data subject requests are served trivially.

The Store has been designed for implementation with minimal effort. It can be gradually adopted, one data type or subsystem at a time, to unlock quick wins and fast progress before deeper investment.

What’s Next