Welcome to the Data Storage section of UserClouds' documentation. This section is your comprehensive guide to understanding and using the storage capabilities of UserClouds.

UserClouds User Store is a multi-region, privacy-forward data vault. It provides a way to store sensitive user data within the UserClouds Safety Layer, which will enforce data governance & privacy policy centrally at the boundary of the vault.

Using the vault is optional. You may choose to connect the Safety Layer to your existing data stores. However, the vault is recommended for users who seek an integrated, secure, and scalable storage solution. It also offers multi-region support, optimizing access speeds and simplifying compliance with data residency requirements.

UserClouds offers flexible deployment options to fit your needs:

  • On-Premise: Deploy UserClouds within your own Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) for complete control over your data environment.
  • Cloud Service: Utilize UserClouds as a cloud service for ease of use and rapid deployment, without the need for extensive infrastructure management.

By the end of this section, you will have a thorough understanding of how to utilize UserClouds' Data Vault for storing your data, including best practices, setup guides, and tips for optimizing your data storage strategy.

The Store has been designed for implementation with minimal effort. It can be gradually adopted, one data type or subsystem at a time, to unlock quick wins and fast progress before deeper investment.

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