Customize your login emails

Email Types

UserClouds sends seven types of emails to your users.

  1. Invite Existing User
  2. Invite New User
  3. Verify Email
  4. Passwordless Login
  5. Reset Password
  6. Multi-Factor Authentication Email Verification
  7. Multi-Factor Authentication Email Challenge

Customizing Emails

You can customize each email in the Email Experience Card on your Application Settings page. You can customize:

  • Sender Email Address
  • Subject
  • Email Body

Formatting Emails

The text input for the email body is HTML-enabled, to allow linking out to pages like your Terms of Service or Privacy Policy pages. However, the only accepted HTML elements are:

  • Paragraphs: <p> </p>
  • Hyperlinks: <a> </a> with the href attribute
  • Line breaks: <br> </br>

Personalizing Emails

You can also add parameters to the email, using the format {{varName}} or by clicking the suggested parameters at the bottom of each input box.

What’s Next