This section is designed to give you a deep understanding of the core concepts in UserClouds User Store:

  • Users: Users represent the individuals whose data is being stored and managed. In UserClouds, users are typically represented by a unique identifier and associated with a range of data spanning personal information, preferences, and consent records. Effective management of user data is crucial for personalization, security, and compliance with data protection regulations.
  • Data Types: In UserClouds, data types are used to specify the kind of data you are storing in the User Store. This could range from simple data types like strings and integers to more complex ones like addresses or JSON objects.
  • Columns: Columns in UserClouds represent the specific attributes or fields of data stored within a table in the User Store. Each column is defined with a specific data type and can include additional constraints or rules, such as uniqueness or mandatory fields, to ensure data integrity. Columns facilitate the structured organization of data, allowing for precise and efficient querying and data manipulation.
  • Purposes: Purposes are used to track, enforce, and audit user consent within the Safety Layer of UserClouds. They define the specific reasons for which user data can be processed, such as for marketing communications or service improvement. Purposes ensure that user data is handled in compliance with privacy laws and user preferences, enabling transparent and consent-based data processing practices.

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